1. ホーム
  2. [K-ON!] YES OR YES [R-18] by takeru

[K-ON!] YES OR YES [R-18] by takeru

Did I really just uploaded a single video in 2018? I better get my shit together.
This time Mio invites you into her home for shenanigans. I like to include some sort of visual feedback to the beat in my videos, but stage lights didn’t make much sense in this setting. I therefore went for a lyric music video. I’ll also upload a version without the lyrics for those interested – look in the comments tomorrow.
I also have three more videos which are almost complete, so please look forward to them in the near future.
Song: Yes or yes by Twice, English cover by Janny based on translation by Serri Music
Lyrics are stylized by me in Sony Vegas
Dance motion by Kimagure. I adapted it to the full version of the song and added better lip movement. Ecchi motions based on parts by MrOrso.
Stages seem to be ripped from Illusion games by people on deviantart.
Effects and models are the same as my previous videos, plus casual Rin model put together by Yuu2002.